Aidtopia Jack-O'-Lantern

Jack is a Windows desktop application to help you create animated jack and jane o'lantern faces that you can project onto a pumpkin or other gourd, real or artificial.

Download Now! [64-bit Windows, Version 0.6]

Jack requires Windows 7 or better. The download link is for 64-bit operating systems. I can make a 32-bit version available, but I haven't yet met someone who needs it.

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Release Notes

The most recent changes are listed first.

Version 0.6


Inclusion of a brand or model in the video tuning feature of Jack does not indicate an endorsement by me of those media players (nor vice versa). I have no affiliation with the companies behind the mentioned media players. The list of players for which tunings are available is based solely on observation of what my fellow haunters are commonly using and which models I have access to for experimentation and testing.

Version 0.5


Version 0.4


Version 0.3


Version 0.2


Version 0.1


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