Aid & Kim in Stars Hollow

Our friend Sheila showed us around the WB backlot and several of the soundstages used to film Gilmore Girls. Pictures inside the soundstages weren't allowed, so we only took a couple outside on the backlot.

Aid and Kim in front of Luke's diner

We were surprised by a several things. They have a lot of sets. We toured the (interiors) of Lorelai and Rory's house, the Gilmore house, and several Chilton rooms (including the headmaster's office). We were surprised to learn the some exteriors are shot indoors and some interiors (like Luke's diner) is actually right there in the back lot. Lorelai and Rory's house has an outdoor exterior but there's also a copy of the porch in the soundstage.

Sheila and Aid in front of the Stars Hollow sign and church

Aid met Sheila when she attended Pomona College. The recent Yale episode was filmed at Pomona.

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