Callie and Sheba

Callie and Sheba

Proud parents are always quick to show off their kids. Well, for us, cats will suffice. Our “fur kids” are Callie and Sheba.

Callie is “getting on” as a grand ole dame of 15. Kim got Callie when she was a kitten of about two months of age. Callie is currently experiencing a second Kitten-hood and has become quite playful. If we don't play with her, she gets very demanding with her meows.

Now, Callie wasn't terribly happy when Kim brought Sheba home about nine years ago. It was World War III for the first six months as Callie terrorized poor Sheba. Then, Sheba grew up! The tables have turned and now Sheba is the dominant kitty. Most days, Sheba and Callie live harmoniously.

See the cats in action!

Sheba loves boxes & bags! Any size, all the time. Isn't she cute?

Sheba in a shoebox Sheba in a gift bag
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