3D Photography

The limitations of Web graphics and computer monitors make it impossible to showcase 3D photography in all of its glory. Here are some anaglyphs made from some full-color shots. To view them, you need a pair of red-blue (red-cyan) anaglyph glasses. The red-green glasses that I included in my Christmas cards a couple years ago will also work.

View with the red lens over your left eye.

© 1998 Adrian McCarthy

The photo on the left was captured with a Loreo stereo print camera. I scanned the negative to make the anaglyph. Although the image size is a little small and grainy, I like the flexibility of my Loreo, and I think I'll be using it more.

© 1998 Adrian McCarthy

The photo on the right was taken at Rob and Toni's Second Annual Am-Am!! tournament. Most of the 3D photography that I do, including this image, is with a pair of 35mm SLR cameras mounted on a slide bar on a tripod or monopod.

I've been experimenting with scanning and converting stereo pairs for display on the Web. Most viewing is done in a hand-held viewer or with a pair of polarized slide projectors which doesn't distort the colors like anaglyph viewing does.

These anaglyphs were made by scanning slides and negatives with a Hewlett-Packard Photo Smart Photo Scanner and combining the images with Paint Shop Pro. I recommend both of these products. If you're interested in learning more about 3D photography, I recommend Reel 3-D as a great place to start.

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