Halloween Project Safety Tips


Safety is important when it comes to Halloween projects. Unfortunately, the web has plans for lots of projects that are either fundamentally dangerous or potentially dangerous if not properly handled (especially some of the projects that require A/C power). Some of these are due to carelessness. Some are because people just don't know any better. I think you'll find the projects here safe and enjoyable. Of course, I can't guarantee safety. Some projects require power tools, paint, glue, and electricity. You must use your common sense. Children attempting these projects must have adult supervision.

Here are some guidelines that I hope you'll use when you attempt any Halloween project. (This is not necessarily a complete list.)

Power tools and hazardous materials are required in many projects. I've tried to minimize the use of hazardous materials in my projects.

Electricity is dangerous. Regular house current in the U.S. is 110 to 120 volts A/C. That can easily kill you. Electrical wiring problems are the cause of a large number of fires every year. At holidays, the fire danger is elevated because of flammable decorations, overloaded circuits, and inappropriate use of indoor electrical components outside.

Safety is still important even after construction. Nothing ruins a Halloween party faster than a house fire.

Have a fun and safe Halloween.

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