Aidtopia Fiction

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Stories available on Aidtopia:

"The Wrath of God"
Mary Jane's second Aidtopia contribution speculates about the future of the world's growing population. (© 2001 Mary Jane)
"Like Water for Macaroni"
Mary Jane makes here first appearance on Aidtopia, with a charming spoof of a similarly-named novel. Caution, if your are easily offended, be advised that this piece includes a couple four-letter words, as well as descriptions of gluttony, sloth, and lust. Oh yeah, and recipes. (© 2001 Mary Jane)
"Connie Lynn"
A short story about how the information age is enabling big business to invade our privacy. OK, so maybe I'm a little paranoid, but a little paranoia can be a healthy thing. The entire story is published here for your enjoyment. (© 2000 Adrian McCarthy)
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