Aidtopia Ray Tracer

The Aidtopia Ray Tracer is a photorealistic renderer under development here at Aidtopia.

Install Now! [Windows, Version]

ART requires Windows XP SP2 or better. It should run under Windows Vista, but I haven't tested it yet.

You can read about the development of the ray tracer on my blog.

Screenshot of ART UIrendering of Stanford Bunny behind a glass sphererendering of glass dragon

Examples packed in the installer include one mesh from the Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory 3D Scanning Repository. The dragon sample shown here is also from the Stanford repository, but the mesh is not included in the examples.

Release Notes

  1. Internal code reorganization resulted in a speed up of more than 40%.
  2. Intersection and ray counters on the statistics tab are likely underreported.
  3. Bug fix regarding transforms of certain objects has been fixed. Modeling should be more intuitive. The cracks in the seams of the cover of the Xitan example were a result of this bug.
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