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Aidtopia appreciates the fact that folks with unique interests need unique software. No matter how obscure your hobby is, Aidtopia will find or create the programs you need.

Our software catalog is organized by interest. Use one of the links to jump to yours, or just scroll and browse.

Screen Savers

Aidtopia Fireworks

Aidtopia proudly presents a Beta release of its spectacular fireworks simulator and screen saver (just in time for Independence Day)! Download it now!


Map List

Flying Emu has map-based lists and tracking software for fans of our feathered companions. You can download a free trial version before you buy!

Aidtopia is not affiliated with Flying Emu.

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Web Surfers

AdSubtract by InterMute

Surf faster! AdSubtract can filter out advertisments and other annoyances that slow down your browsing. You can also protect your privacy by easily disabling or controlling the use of cookies. AdSubtract is customizeable and reasonably priced. Try the 14-day free trial, and you'll be hooked.

Aidtopia is not affiliated with InterMute; I just like this thing.

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Do you hate Microsoft Word? Are you distracted by WYSIWYG when you should be focussing on content? MikTeX is a great TeX distribution package. TeX is the premiere typesetting program available. MikTeX has bundled up the TeX software very nicely for a Windows PC, letting you install it and use it in minutes, without fussing with building format files, creating directory trees, and compiling all the fonts. It includes an excellent DVI previewer and printer for Windows.

Aidtopia is not affiliated with MikTeX.


ScriptTeX is a free macro package for TeX to format screenplays and other scripts. Version 1.03 is widely available on TeX archives, but many of those have been mildly corrupted. Version 1.04 is available here, direct from the author. Includes documentation, macros, and Don Hosek's cmpica font.

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